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Feeling Under the Weather

We all have our days when we feel alone and the world doesn’t really care about us. Recently, I have been feeling down more than I should have. I’ve been like this for almost a week already. And only those who truly know me will be able to tell that I am feeling under the weather. As the world passes by so quickly, I felt like I am being left out and useless. I don’t know if this is PMS or what.
I also miss my parents terribly. I long for my mother’s words of wisdom during my darkest of days. I long for her home-cooked meals which makes everything okay even if they’re not. I long for her presence.
I have friends. And I know that they are all in for me and would be by my side with just a call, of which I am very much thankful for. Not everyone is blessed with friends who really care about one’s well-being like their own. However, I don’t feel like calling and talking to them. I want to deal with this on my own.
Right now, writing these feelings is my solace. Pouring out my heart’s contents in here will hopefully make things better. I’ve always found comfort in turning my emotions into words. It helps when I write it down as if I were talking to the laptop and eventually it talks back to me as I read the lines.
What makes me okay is knowing the fact that the night is gonna close soon and the sun will shine again tomorrow. The unfolding of a new dawn  brings another hope and opportunity worth seizing. And there is always a reason to hope for better and happier days.


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