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These are some of the services that we are offering for an affordable and reasonable rate:

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

We will help you record the daily financial transactions of your business prepare your financial statements and other reports. . We are highly experienced with QBO, Xero and Odoo.

Tax Reporting

We will help you compute your annual tax and file your income tax return.

Data Entry & Data Analytics

We can also help you transfer your data from paper formats into computer files or database systems and make sense of your data by giving you beneficial analysis and reports.

Finance Coaching

We can assess your income and expenses and give you insights about your personal finance and how you can get better at managing it.

Forensic Accounting

We will help you analyze financial data to look for evidence of frauds.

Accounting and Financial Management Training Development

We can also help you make your training design and instructional materials for your business and employees on accounting, financial management and data analytics.

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