Welcome to The Journal of Self-Discovery, a self-titled motivational blog from Kai Darul.

Why The Journey of Self-Discovery?

The title, The Journey of Self-Discovery, came about from my love of learning more about myself in order to give more to others. I personally think that one can only give if she knows what she has, where she stands, and why she is here in this world. Thus, every day, I hope to learn and self-discover about the meaning of my life.

Who is Kai Darul?

Kai Darul is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology. A Certified Forensic Accountant and Certified Public Accountant, she has been with MSU-TCTO for more than five (5) years now and was designated Acting Chief prior to her regular appointment to the position.

She is an alumna of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2017, World Islamic Economic Forum Young Fellows in 2016, Hiroshima Essential Trainings in 2015, and Mindanao-Hiroshima Skillup Trainings in 2018. She facilitated the Hiroshima Essential Trainings in 2018 and is the founder of the online blog Hijabi Mag.

She has been honored with awards such as the Peacebuilder Award (2nd Place) in the WEIF Young Fellows 2016 Hackathon, the Academic Leadership Award in 2012, 3-time Champion of On-the-spot Essay Writing Contest during the Accountancy Week Celebration of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Iligan Chapter.

She has also joined various government-related trainings relevant to public financial management, financial planning, accounting, government procurement, and gender mainstreaming, among others.

What can I expect from this blog?

This blog is created to share tips and tricks, opinions on issues, motherhood, parenting, wifehood, and Islamic principles. You can also expect to read poems from time to time and my journey of healing from all sorts of discomforts life may throw.