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I Got Married

I was busy these past month because of my wedding. I kept it secret first from everyone because I did not want to create any fuss. People eventually found out from my relatives and close friends.
It was a really short preparation of only less than three weeks. It was August 26, 2018 that initial talks took place. My husband’s family went to my family to ask my hand in marriage. Afterwards, the dowry to ask has been settled by my family and was told to my husband’s family.
On October 5, the dowry was given to my family and the date was settled.
I was to be wedded on October 26. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t a smooth journey. My husband and I went through thorns during the entire process. But alhamdulillah, Allah SWT provides a way for those who persevere and carry on.
Upon knowing the final date of the wedding, I immediately messaged my elder friend, my lovely kakah Shena. I told her before that if I were to marry, she will be the one to design my dress. She lectured me why I didn’t tell her earlier that this was about to happen, but she lovingly rushed into the fabric store to find a fabric for me and asked me what I want for the wedding gown.
I knew what I want – a very simple and modest but elegant wedding gown. I don’t want the dramatic ones. She put together a kurung-inspired wedding gown for me. It was very beautiful and it fit my style. Alhamdulillah for designers who don’t push their ideas to you, and instead listen to yours. I was really in love with my wedding gown. The best thing about it is that I can use it to other occasions. IT WAS REALLY MY INTENTION FROM THE START. Coz why not? I am the queen of reusing clothes!
For my husband’s coat and tie, we just bought a set from Onésimus and Well Suited. The gray from Onésimus was the one he wore during the wedding day, while the matte black from Well Suited was the one he used for our pre-nup photos.
My husband and I also custom-made our invitations. We thought that having it made was simply a waste of money. So when I went to Metro Manila, I bought everything we need – from metallic envelops to cutter and golden metallic stickers. I designed the invitations on Adobe photoshop and he helped me with the dirty works such as printing, cutting and putting on stickers. Our friend, Copel and my store assistants, Adina and Adones, also helped.
Moving on the the photos and video, it was the most difficult to resolve. I initially contacted a Sulu-based photographer but their team was not available for my wedding day. Thankfully, my friends, Gil and Camay, saved me. Camay is a photographer from Bataan. She owns Pandora Creatives. They both went out of their way to accommodate me and cover my wedding. I am forever grateful for friends like them. God knows how happy I am when they told me that they will come on my wedding.
Booking the venue was surprisingly very smooth. Thanks to the husband for not making me worry as much on this matter. We were actually arguing that day. Then he left. Minutes went by, he came back with Ar-Ar and told me that the venue was booked. I felt really guilty for being mad at why he left so suddenly that day.
Another hurdle was finding the host. I mean, I know a lot of people who host events. But they were either out of town or on training. Thankfully, I have a very versatile bestfriend. Thanks to Jheng for saving me countless times even before the wedding. Without her and all of my bestfriends, I don’t know how I would still be sane.
The entire process of the preparation was hard simply because my husband and I took charge of everything. We didn’t want to bother both our sides and we both wanna save so we handled the event ourselves. I am thankful for having hands-on and very supportive husband. He made sure that I get what I wanted for the wedding. He made sure that the event-organizing process went on smoothly.
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Bismillahi wa ma shaa Allah.





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