2018: Faith in Fate

Another year has come to an end. Another year-ender. 
I can’t believe I have been doing this for nine years now!
If you are interested in reading my previous year-enders, here are the links:
This year is by far the year that has the most unexpected turn of events. It was very stressful but fulfilling at the same time. 

1st Quarter

I was in Cotabato and Hiroshima, Japan again for the Mindanao-Hiroshima Skill-up Training. It was the most stressful and challenging training that I have undergone, but it also gives me so much knowledge and expertise in project proposal and development. I have learned more about the outskirts of Hiroshima and even tried for the first time the onsen (with my leggings and shirt haha).

2nd Quarter

I was busy about getting a scholarship abroad. I participated in the course counseling of the Australian Awards. I am a reserve candidate. That means that I get to fly if someone wasn’t able for June 2018. But nobody wasn’t able to go, so I was halted. (And now, I am given another shot at it but my husband doesn’t approve anymore.) I may not be able to go now. I am quite sad but this isn’t the end. 
Also in April, my husband’s family went to my family and asked for my hand in marriage. I refused because of the scholarship. 

3rd Quarter

The unexpected turn of events. My husband’s family went to my family to ask my hand in marriage again. And since I wasn’t sure if I can go to Australia anymore, I agreed. This has to be the time when I was most stressed. Preps and all.

4th Quarter

I got married. Alhamdulillahi ma sha Allah! Let me say that again. I GOT MARRIED. I GOOOOOOT MARRIEEEEEDD!!! My wedding was super simple. No sponsors. No entourage. No cake. Nikah was with my closest family and my husband’s closest family only. Then, the walimah was with friends and family. It was simple, but I was very happy. And the happiness I saw in my husband’s eyes was everything I needed.
And yeah. I was contacted again by the Australian Awards if I am still interested in going. Actually, I am. Who isn’t? Not everyone is given such an opportunity. And I feel very blessed, even just to be chosen for an interview, what more as reserve candidate?! But then, I rest everything to Allah SWT. And no! It is not because my husband is not supportive that he doesn’t approve of me going abroad. Prior to the call, we already talked about the future and planned things together. My priorities also have shifted a little over the time that I was unsure of going abroad for such a year.
Basically, my first two months of marriage were purely about adjustments. But I am happy anyway. 😄 So who cares?! 
That is pretty much my 2018. Kind of chaotic. Kind of ecstatic. Nonetheless, it is one of my most memorable years! I will never have to fight my battles nor celebrate milestones alone. Hopefully, 2019 brings more blessings and guidance to us all!






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