2017: The Calm After The Storm

Every end of the year since 2010, I write a blog post about how my year went. This has been my blog tradition already. Not only does it makes me realize how much has happened and changed within the year, it also makes me think of the blessings that were poured on me by the Almighty.

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This year meant healing. I entitled it “The Calm After the Storm” because I personally battled a lot of storms in 2016 that were passed on to this year. I haven’t recovered much in 2016 that I still fight to get out of bed in the morning to get on with the day.

This year was about letting myself understand that I needed to go on and make good of what is left behind. And because there wasn’t much that stood out on each of the months, I will make a change on how I recall things that had happened by doing it quarterly.

1st Quarter (January – March)

The first quarter of the year was quite a roller coaster in my work. There was a change of leadership. And I was assigned to the accounting office. I loved being in the accounting office though. It made me use my accounting knowledge even more. The people were so homey. And I never felt left out.

2nd Quarter (April – June)

The second quarter was when I made a last minute decision to apply for YSEALI Academic Fellowship.I had my interview on Skype. And I wasn’t able to finish the interview via the Skype call because of the sudden interruption in the internet signal. We finished the interview through chat. I didn’t expect to be chosen, but truly, when something is for you, it is for you!

3rd Quarter (July-September)

The third quarter was a continuation of YSEALI. The email of the invitation was sent to me in July. I had my VISA interview in August. And Alhamdulillah, I flew to the USA in September. I spent September 9 til October 14 of this year in the US. And this experience led to many realizations and lessons. Perhaps, this one is the highlight of my 2017. I am so thankful for having been chosen to be part of YSEALI. It made the world smaller but my world a whole lot bigger. It changed my perspectives. It brought so many great people to my life.

4th Quarter (October – December)

On the fourth quarter, I came back home in October with so much enthusiasm. I coordinated a re-echo and info session afterward. And right now, accounting tasks dominate my days and nights. I also applied for the Hiroshima Skill-up Trainings and was accepted this month. I had my VISA application early December and is set to fly in January.


In between some of those months, I traveled around the Philippines either for work or vacation. This year, I have been to Metro Manila and Zamboanga City multiple times, Metro Cebu, Davao City twice, General Santos City, Saranggani Province, etc.

I have spent my days traveling. From this, I understood that there is no permanent thing in life. Sometime, somewhere, we all have to say goodbye to families and friends. This is why I realized to always show gratitude to those who have been by my side all along.

This year taught me to love those who love me even more. Moreover, it also taught me to be a blessing those in need. By that I mean those who aren’t blessed with material things but blessed with so much love and compassion in their hearts. Why? Because when you reach out to them, only there you will find yourself immersed in happiness.

I realized that no matter how alone I think I am, there are a number of people who love me dearly. This is why I have learned to always choose to be myself and to always choose to be happy.  Lastly, I have learned to calm myself down before taking any decisions that will change the course of my journey.

I pray that next year will be better and happier. I pray for happiness and contentment. I pray for wounded hearts to heal. I pray for the best for those who are sick. I pray for the world to come together so that we can all just enjoy it in all its glory and bounty.




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