My Cup of Tea

My Heart is Full

Being a mother is a lot of work, not to mention that I am also working full-time. I am very much of a hands-on momma. My in-laws have been really helpful in my journey as a parent. They are accommodating and always keep us in check. Alhamdulillah for having in-laws who are not selfish and love us as they love their own immediate family. I am indeed lucky!

My kids are also lucky that they got grandparents, aunts, and uncles who love them as their own children. In addition, I am grateful that my kids are sweet and kind. I always pray that they grow into good and kind-hearted men. I pray they do not become a burden to society but become the source of strength and prosperity for their communities. I pray that they become Islamically inclined and be pillars of faith wherever they go.

More than anything, I am thankful that I married the man I love and who loves me just the same. I pray that he always be in good health. I pray that he always looks at me with love and care. I pray that he finds peace of mind in my company. I pray that we always find comfort and strength in each other even in the darkest and most difficult times.

With all that said, I pray that I remain steadfast in my faith, contented in what I have, and ambitious for the benefit of Islam and the world.

Ya Allah, always keep me grounded by reminding me that I have more than what I have asked for. Keep my faith always in check and keep me away from wrongdoings. I pray that my heart will always be full of love that it does not have time to hate on someone. I pray that my heart will always seek affirmation from Allah SWT and my family, nowhere else.


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