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A Guide in Finding an Apartment in Portland, Oregon

If you are finding an apartment in Portland, Oregon, then this post is for you!

Portland in the State of Oregon is one of the most populous cities in the United States of America, with approximately 2.4 million residents around Portland metropolitan statistical area (MSA). In fact, around 47% of Oregon’s population resides within the Portland metropolitan area, according to the census as stated on the Wikipedia page. The city’s location is favorable to several industries – from relatively low energy cost, accessible resources, north-south and east-west Interstates, international air terminals, large marine shipping facilities to both west coast intercontinental railroads are all economic advantages, making Portland a very sought-after city to work and live in.

Portland has a collection of quirky names such as The City of Roses, Bridge City, Rip City, and Stumptown. Its unique mix of various cultures and vast environment makes Portland one of the best cities to live on the West Coast.

Here is a guide you can use in finding an apartment in Portland, Oregon.

Get to know Portland first!

If you are coming from a different city or state and is looking into transferring to Portland due to personal and business reasons, then it is only fitting that you, first, learn to know the facts and information about the city – not just the bright sides of it, but also the ones that don’t seem to please the eyes nor the ears.

This rent information on Portland, Oregon will be beneficial to your research. Over the years, the apartment rent in Portland has risen. But as of today, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is currently at $1,400, which has remained constant since last year. Be sure that you will be able to accept reality as its strikes when you make the move to Portland. One of the things you should consider is its climate. Moreover, the State of Oregon has an Indoor Clean Air Act that restricts smoking in public places and apartment building entrances, exit windows, or air intake vents. A lot of apartment owners also do not allow smoking in their properties and rental units.

Carefully choose the location of the apartment in Portland, Oregon

It is very important to look into more neighborhoods in Portland so that you can carefully opt for the one that fits your personality and needs. There are a lot of small neighborhoods with their own character and atmosphere. By doing this, you will most likely be able to adjust more easily as you transfer.

Determine your needs and wants

You should consider your needs, wants and even your budget for your apartment. Jot down what you want for an apartment to have before doing the actual hunt. Be sure to also take down notes when you start online hunting just so you don’t leave good options. It is always easier to search when you already know what you need. 
If you are looking into cheaper rent, then consider living away from the city center, but this will make your commute longer and even reduce your access to public transportation.

Consider transportation

Of course, living in a city entails that you will be going to and from places. It is best to consider what mode of transportation will you be taking daily. Public transportation in Portland is amazing, but it has its downsides. Some neighborhoods are catered better by the public transport than the others. Moreover, if you prefer driving your own car, then you should look into properties with a garage or parking area.

Portland is an amazing city. Not only that it offers tax-free products, but it also boasts lush greenery and fascinating wildlife. There are six months of rainy weather and another six months of peace of mind. It also offers a variety of jobs you can commit to. Whether you are permanently or temporarily moving into the city, you will definitely fall in love with its charms.



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