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The New Mother: Useful and Practical Tips

Hello momma! You’re here because you just delivered a healthy baby and would want to know more about being a new mother and baby-rearing. I am a mother of two – a two-year-old and a three-month-old as of writing. It is true that their age gap is quite near, but that’s not the problem we are tackling here.
First of all, how are you? These days, you might be too busy looking after the little one that you don’t have a social life anymore. Has anybody asked you about your well-being? I hope so. I pray that you are coping well a new mother.
When I entered this phase, I, too, was clueless. I loved kids, but only as niece and nephews – those that you can return back to their moms once you’re fed up or tired of taking care of them. Then, I gave birth to Zedie. Honestly, I don’t even know how I managed to take care of a baby. I literally had no idea how to handle the difficult situations because I never had any siblings.
When I got pregnant again, I thought it would be easier for me to handle it because I have had a legitimate experience already. But, it never gets easier. Truthfully, I was only getting stronger.
So, for new moms like me, here are some of my tips:

Bughat/Binat/Postpartum illness is real.

We are already stressed physically because of the delivery, much more taking care of the infant. So, do not add more stress to yourself. Let small things/issues go for now. You need to rest well for at least 45 days. If not, then rest well for at the very least, two weeks. Moreover, do not skip meals. You should not have an empty stomach for a long period. Munch some saltine crackers if you don’t have time for a proper meal because of the baby. Just don’t go on an empty stomach for the rest of the day.

Your baby will cry.

Yes, mom. Your baby will cry. It is their only way to tell us that they are hungry, their diapers are fully soiled, they pooped, they feel hot/cold, they are sick, and so on. The low-pitched cry is usually for the need to feed or change nappies. High-pitched cry/ wail is usually due to a stomach full of air or they feel discomfort and pain. Understand and familiarize their types of cries and you will have an easier job.
the new mother

Your husband is your partner at everything.

I mean, come on! It is 2022 already and your husband needs to help you one way or another. After all, you did your best for nine months carrying the baby and for the delivery. He needs to cut you some slack and take responsibility for household chores and taking care of the baby. Once you both take part in everything, tasks will be easier.

If you need help or are clueless, then seek help/advice.

Motherhood does not come with a handbook. You need to understand your child. As a first-time mom, you need help with a lot of things. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to seek help.
In relation to what I mentioned, motherhood does not come with a handbook. So, there will be times that what is applicable to other children might not be applicable to your baby. So, be open to advice, but also take into consideration what your child needs. Everyone has their unique personal needs as a child. It is us, the mothers, that should be flexible.
Finally, my most important tip is to enjoy the moment. They won’t be that small for too long. They won’t be that clingy for too long. They won’t be needing your help in most things for too long. One day, you will wake up and your kid can do things on his own. That’s when you’ll get nostalgic about them being small and cuddly. Enjoy this moment. It is yours. Feel the magic of a baby’s glance, laughter, and touch. Then you’ll understand your mother and the essence of life.
Congratulations on having a baby. It is the greatest blessing and gift. I pray for your strength, patience, and perseverance.



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